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No Voicemailbox association on CUE

January 17, 2013 2 comments

I’ve recently encountered an issue on CUE as it pertains to user mailboxes. Whenever someone tried to leave a message for a particular user, they were told by the AutoAttendant that there was no mailbox associated with the user’s extension. Before we go any further, let’s get some more information on how the environment is currently setup.

CME is configured to use SIP Trunking  back to the ISP in order to make calls. Each user has Direct Inward Dial (DID) extensions. Here’s a sample config of what the Ephone-DN on CME and the Voicemailbox on CUE looks like.

CME Ephone-DN config for User
ephone-dn 1 dual-line
  number 7890 secondary 1234567890 no-reg both
  label John
  description 123-456-7890
  name John Doe
  call-forward busy 1000
  call-forward noan 1000 timeout 20
CUE config for User
username John create

username John phonenumber “7890”

voicemail mailbox owner “John” size 1772
description “John mailbox”
end mailbox

voicemail notification owner John enable

Reviewing the configuration above you would think that your voicemail mailbox configuration for this user is correct, right? Wrong! If you placed a call to this user from an internal phone to their primary extension of 1234, you’d be able to leave a message however, if an external user placed a call to the DID number of 1234567890, they would be told that there is no mailbox associated with the number. The reason for this, is that when an external user places a call to the DID number, the AutoAttendant forwards the entire DID number and tries to find a mailbox associated with this number. Because the primary number associated with the mailbox is 7890 and not 1234567890, the mailbox lookup fails. To correct this issue we would need to change the phone number associated with the mailbox in CUE to the DID number of 1234567890.

username John phonenumber “1234567890”

I was able to verify this by enabling call forwarding to voicemail on the user’s phone, enabling the “debug voice dialpeer” command and then placing a call to that user’s DID number.

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