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Backing up Putty Configuration

December 14, 2011 2 comments

Being in Networking and dealing with Cisco gears on a daily basis requires the use of a terminal application in order to configure and manage your devices. I’ve used both SecureCRT and Putty but I find myself using Putty a whole lot more. It’s a small application that doesn’t even require an install before you can use it. You simply download and run it. It’s also freeware which is an added bonus.

Due to the number of problems I’ve had with Windows and my laptop, I found myself having to reload quite a number of times. Each time resulting in me losing all my device profiles I had configured and saved in Putty. Because of how the program is written there is no configuration file(that I know of) that I can save and then import whenever I do a new install.  This totally sucked, as I was able to backup my configs using SecureCRT. Doing some research led me to this article that showed exactly how to export/import your configurations in Putty. To avoid me having to google around again for such an article just in case I need it in the future, I’ve decided to simply make a copy of the steps required here for my convenience. All credit goes to the author of the article mentioned above for writing such a detailed post on the how to accomplish this.


  1. Open Regedit.
  2. Look for “SimonTatham” by using the find option (ctrl f).
  3. Export the reg file by clicking Export from the File Menu.
  4. Choose the path to store the registry key and hit enter.
  5. To import the settings in a new Desktop simply copy the registry key to that system and double click to apply the registry setting. At this stage you simply download Putty on the new system and run it, you will notice that all your devices are already populated in the list.

This will definitely benefit me in the future and hopefully those of you who aren’t yet aware of how to backup your configs.