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User Account Disappears from Active Directory :)

January 15, 2010 1 comment

Yestersay I learnt a very valuable lesson. I know this might seem so obvious as something we should all know as IT professinoals. But unfortunately I slipped up, and it could have turned out really bad for me and the company, had I not corrected the problem ASAP (aka – Take Time To Read! :)). One of our clients was experiencing a problem with receiving emails from the Xerox Work Centre. After doing some troubleshooting, I noticed that this was one of the users who’s  mailbox wasn’t stored locally at our branch here in St. Maarten. However, when I checked Exchange 2007, I noticed that there was a mailbox for this user. Right away I felt good after spotting this, because this meant that this was where all his emails were going, when they should be forwarded out to his external mailbox. Now, me feeling all big headed that I figured out the source of the problem, I was eager to solve it, so I quickly opened Exchange Management Console, navigated to the Recipients Ojects Section and deleted the users mailbox which was receiving all his mails. Hooray!!! Problem solved. Now I can relax and work on some other stuff. Right?

About  a few minutes later the servers had required a reboot, so I did. Then, the same user came to me claiming that he was unable to login to his desktop. Now knowing that this same user was logged in all morning working fine at his desktop to hearing now that he can’t log in, seemed a bit weird to me so I had to go confirm it for myself. After confirming that he was indeed unable to login, I pulled up an RDP session to the DC to check the status of his user account. To my surprise, there was no account by that name. Now I’m sitting there for about 10 minutes trying to figure out how on earth a user account can just vanish like that. All this time while having the user opening his mouth and stressing me out. So my quick fix to the problem, was to recreate an account for the user and have him login with that.

Allright! So he’s back on his system working just fine after a few more configs. However, I’m still puzzled at the fact that a user accout can disappear like that. So I turned to my Twitter family and asked the question. This was where I was provided with the answer by one of my Twitter buddies. Apparently when I deleted the account from Exchange, it deleted it from Active Directory also :(. If I had taken time to read that prompt I was given when I hit delete, I would have noticed that it asked me if to just delete the mailbox, or if to delete the user account also. Well at least I learnt my lesson there, or at least I would hope so ;).

BTW, I’ll be researching a lot more into the new Active Directory Recycle Bin feature, which would have saved me in that situation by allowing me  to recover the deleted account with all of the settings and permissions applied to it, instead of having to create a new account and re-configure all those permissions and other settings.