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MCITP SA Completed!

The Microsoft Certified IT Professional Server Administrator is just one of the available specialties within the MCITP certification program. At first when I heard about the revamping of Microsoft’s certification program, I was confused somewhat as to how this will all be integrated into the current IT infrastructure. Before, we were accustomed to being called a MCSE/MCSA and now we were going to be called MCITP blah blah. As with most humans’ initial response to change, I really wasn’t feeling this move. However, I must say that after getting more familiar with how the new program was designed to address professional’s knowledge and skill set, I’m absolutely in love with it. There is a plethora of specialty certs to choose from with this new program. I’m not going to go into further details on those. I’m just going to focus on what I’m currently studying for and why I chose these.

So where was I?  Ah! MCITP SA. I guess you can compare the MCITP SA to the MCSA of the old certification program. To attain the MCITP SA status, one would need to pass three exams.

These are:

  • TS: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring (Exam 70-640)
  • TS: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring (Exam 70-642)
  • Pro: Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator (Exam 70-646)

Unlike the old MCSA which required a “client and a specialty exam”, the MCITP SA doesn’t require these. Instead you have the MCTS certification program which has sub sections which further describe which particular Microsoft technology you’re proficient in, hence the name Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist. 🙂  Also, if you already are certified in MCSA (like me), then you have the option of just taking two exams.

These are:

  • TS: Upgrading from Windows Server 2003 MCSA to, Windows Server 2008, Technology Specializations (Exam 70-648)
  • Pro: Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator (Exam 70-646)

Passing the 70-648 upgrade exam gains you MCTS on both Active Directory and Network Infrastructure, basically killing two birds with one stone. This was the path I chose in order to upgrade my MCSA to MCITP SA. I had completed the 70-646 exam a couple months back, but never took the time to push through and finish up the 70-648. I was too busy studying for other certs and learning other technologies, mainly CCNA Voice, MCTS on MOSS 2007 and also CCIE R&S written.

As is the pattern with MS upgrade paths, there are a number of options available to you. I decided to go with the Windows 7 Configuration for my Client exam, as I’m working with Windows 7 everyday, have a really solid understanding of it and also the fact that I really, LOVE Vista! No really! I loathe Windows Vista so much that I decided to skip it and go with Windows 7. I’m sorry, did I just say loathe? I meant love. 😀 Well, you get the picture. Anyways back to what I was saying. I was able to complete the Windows 7 exam today (70-680). So currently I have 2 more exams to complete before I’m fully upgraded to MCTIP EA. As usual, I will keep you guys posted as to my progress.

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