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Resuming My CCIE R&S Studies

Well it’s been couple months since I passed my last exam to become a Cisco Certified Network Professional. After that my director told me that I needed to get started on my CCVP studies. I must say, Cisco Voice was something I was hoping to not have to deal with at this point in my career. I really have no interest what so ever in it. But director’s orders are director’s orders. After all, he signs my cheque at the end of the month: P. So anyways I started studying for the first CCVP exam, CVoice. It’s been a pain, a drag and very depressing at times. All that coupled with not having a mentor for it, well, that was before my buddy on twitter @james_key started helping me with stuff. Since then, it’s been a lot better and even though I’m still way behind on my voice studies, I’m beginning to make progress. J So you might be reading this and wondering why on earth I called this post “Resuming my CCIE Studies”, right? Well, truth is, R&S is where my heart is at, at the moment. And even though I’m studying for my CCVP (which I MUST get this year) I can’t help but long for the chance to get back into the R&S studies. So with that, I’ve decided to begin back my CCIE reading. Right now I’m at Chapter 11 – BGP Routing Polices in the CCIE R&S Official Study Guide. I spent some of my free time at the office today reading this chapter and also began watching the INE Routing & Switching Advanced Technologies BGP section, to get a better understand of what I’ve been reading so far. It’s coming along pretty ok and I hope to retain most of what I’ve learnt thus far.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope to update this blog more often so that you guys can follow my progress in my Quest to get my CCIE #. J

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